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Welcome to the Healthy Home Revolution

With DARWIN™, the world’s first home wellness intelligence network, you and your family can rest assured that your home is continually working to help enhance your health and well-being.

DARWIN is designed to bring in the benefits of nature, from purified air, filtered water and natural light patterns, to help enhance energy levels, sleep quality and overall well-being and reduce indoor contaminants that negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health.


Installation Service

A Certified InstallerNet Technician will work with you to bring Darwin to life, leading you through a comprehensive orientation process and ensuring that Darwin elements are connected, registered and activated through your wireless network.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

All of our installation professionals will use only approved standards, authorized parts and procedures in the completion of your installation.

Lifetime Warranty

Labor Warranty

Not only will you receive excellent service and quality installation, our installation labor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Service Rep

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Department is available to assist with any installation inquiries 9am-6pm / 7 days a week.

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